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Navarathri Abhisegam and Kappu

Navarathri is one of the most auspicious festival that happens in our Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peedam. During the Navarathri festival there are several Alangarams are poised by our Annai. These Alangarams are told by His Holiness Arulthiru Amma to be presented in the form of Kaappu as a prasadhams for devotees.

There are totally 11 types of Kappu for this year of 2019. They are as follows;

S.No Name of Kappu Date
1 Thanga Kaappu 28/09/2019
2 VEPPILAI Kaappu 29/09/2019
3 SIRUDHANIYA Kaappu 30/09/2019
4 KUNGUMA  Kaappu 1/10/2019
5 NAVATHANIYA Kaappu 2/10/2019
6 VIBOOTHI Kaappu 3/10/2019
7 MANJAL Kaappu 4/10/2019
8 THULASI Kaappu 5/10/2019
9 KARKANDU Kaappu 6/10/2019
10 SANTHANA Kaappu 7/10/2019
11 Ular pazhangal Kaappu 8/10/2019

So get blessings from Amma and relish the goodness from these Alangaram's to make your life and soul more prosperous day by day.

To participate and receive prasadhams of these Kappu's do join in for the corresponding Abhidegams of these Alangarams. In order to submit the payment please click the below links of either State Bank of India Payment Method or through Billdesk Payment Method.


  • Please select the Kaappu that you want to participate from the dropdown menu. For the Kappu that you are not participating you must click the " - " - symbol to make the date as invalid.
  • Then for the amount of Kaappu should be paid must be respective to the number of Kappu's you would like to participate.

To see the amount needs to be paid for the respective number of Kappu's are shown in the below table.

No. of Kappu

Amount to be

Paid in Rupees

1 6014
2 12028
3 18042
4 24056
5 30070
6 36084
7 42098
8 48112
9 54126
10 60140
11 66154
12 72168

Subscribe for Navarathri Abhidegam and get the Holy Blessings of Amma. Omsakthi!


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